You might think “which could be things to do in Antiparos. This place looks so small on the map”. Well, it is not that tiny when you are actually there.

How to get to Antiparos from Paros

Let’s start with the fact that you should visit Antiparos for all day. Getting to Antiparos from Paros Island is very easy and inexpensive. First of all, you can take one of our cars and reach port of Punda. Distances in Paros are quite small. Punda is located on the west coast, 11 km away from Parikia and 17 km away from Naoussa. Therefore, as you can understand, you will not find any trouble reaching it. Furthermore, we advise you not to confuse the port of Punda with Punda beach. This is the famous beach on the east coast of Paros Island.

From Punda port you will take a small ferry for Antiparos town. The ride takes only few minutes. We advise you to take your car with you as the ticket is quite cheap. Of course having a car in Antiparos will assist you with the island’s exploration.

First thing to go in Antiparos

Without any doubt, the first thing you should do in Antiparos is to visit the cave. Therefore, your day will start with something impressive. In this article, we will not turn our attention to how amazing this cave is. You can read about it here. Yet we would like to point out that, it probably is one of the most impressive natural attractions in Greece.

Things to do after the cave

After exploration of Antiparos Cave, it is time for swimming and sunbathing. As you were driving towards the cave, you saw many beaches on your right. However, you might prefer those situated near the main town. There are three beaches close to Antiparos Town. First is of course in the bay and it is named Kaloudia. The second beach is called First Psaralyki beach and the third Sifneikos beach. The last one is named like that due to the view of Sifnos Island that it offers. If you are up for it, you can go to the beach right next to Antiparos Camping. Due to its natural environment, you might be impressed.

Things to do in Antiparos after the beach

This is the time to start thinking about dinner. Because of tourism development, the main town of Antiparos features many dining choices. Seafood, traditional Greek cuisine or just a souvlaki should be on your list. The capital of this small island features many shops and cocktail bars as well. Therefore, you can relax after dinner or take a walk among picturesque alleys.

After a long day, you can start thinking about returning to Paros. Depending on the time of the season, the last ferry departure time changes. Therefore, we suggest you ask about departure schedule and of course, do not wait for the last ferry.