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Martselo Beach, sandy paradise near Parikia


Martselo beach in Paros is one of the most famous places on the island. Just to not be confused, you should know that you can find it written as Marcello as well. It is situated in Parikia Bay, opposite to the capital of Paros.

There are two ways to get to Martselo beach. First of all, by your own mean of transport. As the road consists of asphalt, it is easy reachable by all vehicles of our fleet. When you use a car to get there, you should know that there are two entrances. The first one is to the beach bar of Martselo beach. As you drive towards Martselo and you pass Agnanti hotel, you will turn left to a small road. It is easy to see using Google Maps and there will probably be other car entering or leaving. There is a parking where you can leave your car as well. This is the organized part of Martselo beach. You will find many sunbeds and umbrellas here, as well as beach bar with lounges. Therefore, if you enjoy sunbathing and listening to music, this is a place to be.

The second entrance to Martselo beach is a little bit further. As you drive pass the first entrance, the road will reach the coast line. In this spot you will park your car as this is the west end of Martselo. You will not find any infrastructure here because this part of the beach is unspoiled. If you did not find a parking spot in the first entrance, you can leave your car here and walk along the beach towards the bar. Of course, if you have your own umbrella and you like quiet location, you can stay here.

Reaching Martselo Beach Paros by Boat

The second and more adventurous way to get to Martselo beach is by caique boat from Parikia. Due to the fact that there are regular schedules from the main port, it is more exciting to use this form of transport. Caique boat will dock at the west end of Matselo beach. This is where the road meets the coast line, at the unspoiled part of the beach. Like we mentioned above, you can walk from here to the organized part.

Regarding distances, Martselo beach is lays 3 km away from Parikia and 13 km away from Naoussa.


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