Drios in Paros is a small coastal settlement, on the south east coast of the island. This place is worth mentioning, because you will have the opportunity to see the “local Paros” here. Tourism development did not touch Drios with the same rate as it did in north Paros. Therefore, it is an unspoiled village which you can visit using one of our cars. Depending on which route you will choose, Drios Paros is situated about 23 km away from Parikia. Naoussa is a little bit closer, 18 km.

If you wish to enjoy delicious seafood on a seafront in a little bit quieter location, Drios Paros is a place to be. Additional, few of famous beaches can be found near the settlement. Golden Beach and Lolantonis beach are just two of them. The village by itself features two beaches. Yet, you should know that they are unspoiled and unorganized.

We suggest that you set Drios Paros as a destination and visit all well-known places, just for few minutes, which you will encounter along the way towards it. Therefore, starting from Naoussa, you will see Marpissa, Piso Livadi and Golden Beach. Additionally, if you are up for it, you can make 2 km deviation to see Molos beach. This long, unspoiled sandy beach is protected by Natura 2000 legislation. On the other hand, starting from Parikia and following the west coast of Paros, you can visit Parasporos beach and Aliki village.

Drios Paros is definitely a place to visit, if you are looking to see more traditional places on the island.

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