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At the location Agia Anna, on the road to Aliki, you will find the sanctuaries of Pythian Apollo and Asclepius. Only the foundations of the sanctuary of Pythian Apollo are preserved today. The sanctuary of Asclepius was built in the 4th century BC near a spring, which was necessary for the worship rites.

It is composed of a building with an altar situated in the center, two semicircular platforms and two marble cisterns. The whole kouros that is housed today at the Louvre Museum and many more marble votive offerings originate from this site.



ALKIONI was established in 1995 in Paros as a non- profit Wildlife Care and Protection Association, aiming at:

  • The Protection and re-integration in nature of all the wounded, weak or sick Wild Animals, which are treated at the Association’s hospital.
  • The protection of the Fauna though the Environmental Training, the Awareness and the Collaboration of the citizens and the protection of biotopes by the collection of information and researches and through informative, state and when necessary legal procedures.

The ever increasing number of animals received and housed in ALKIONI during the three first years of its operation, created the need of expanding and moving into bigger premises. Alkioni was allotted a site of 12.60 square kilometers, which is located at the area of Kamares, in Paros, by the Monastery of Logovarda, which kindly offered this solution, for a symbolic rent, in order to build the new installations of the Association.

In the winter of 1997-98, the Association’s engineers and architects presented their ambitious plans of turning the site into one of the most organized and luxurious Wildlife Hospitals of Europe.

From March 1998, when works started, to June 2000, when ALKIONI’s new premises were finished, 112 volunteers worked in the site, who came to Paros for this purpose from all over the world.

Wildlife hospital

To the west of the hospital, there is a path that leads to the observatory, where from you can see the crippled water birds.

The visitors must know that the observatory is the only point, where from they can see some of the birds that are housed in ALKIONI. The only reason is that while in captivity, wild birds suffer from stress, which is maximized by the human presence and the human voice.

The space where crippled water birds are housed is a fenced area of 1,5 square kilometers, with an artificial lake of 35 square meters. This area also includes artificial galleries for the protection of the birds from the sunlight, the rain and the wind. In the spring of 1998, tens of fast growing trees were planted in this area, forming a small wood.

To the east of the abovementioned area, there is a fenced area of 800 square meters, where crippled sea-gulls are housed. This area also includes an artificial lake and many trees.

The biggest work – after the building – regarding the installations of ALKIONI in Paros, are the closed cages of 1000 square meters in area, which house all kinds of birds under treatment.

These 19 cages are specially constructed for each species they are going to house and their sizes vary from (6m. length X 3m. height X 2m. width) for small birds to (20m. length X 4 m. height X 6 m. width) for the big birds of prey, which are going to be released.

At the west side of the site, there are three wooden prefabricated storehouses, of 7X6 meters each.

From March of 1998 to this day, more than 600 trees have been planted in the site, while the only unplanted areas are those where the extensions of the building and cages are going to be constructed. In 2011, a photovoltaic park has been constructed in the Association’s site, which has been funded by the Stavros Niarchos foundation and covers all the energy needs of the installations.



Panagia Ekatontapiliani (literally the church with one hundrend doors) or Panagia Katapoliani is a historic Byzantine church complex in Parikia town, on the island of Paros in Greece. The church complex contains a main chapel surrounded by two more chapels and a baptistery with a cruciform font.

The origin of the church’s name is obscure, as it does not have one hundred doors, or gates. One theory suggests that it is a corruption of the name “Katapoliani”, i.e. “Lower Town church”, as it lies by the sea in the lower part of the town of Parikia.

The church dates to 326. Its oldest features likely predate the adoption of Christianity as the state religion of the Roman Empire in 391. The church was purportedly founded by the mother of the Roman Emperor Constantine the Great (ruled 306–337), Saint Helen, during her pilgrimage to the Holy Land when she stopped to worship at a chapel on the island. Later Justinian is credited for initiating construction on the site as well. The site was badly damaged by an earthquake in the 18th century, but gradually restored.[1] The Ekatontapyliani is a renowned Marian pilgrimage church of the Aegean, second only to the famed Megalochare church on nearby Tinos Island.



The Environmental – Cultural Park of Paros has been created at the bay, where the monastery of Saint John Detis is located. It is a thematic park, which is located on a peninsula of 800 square kilometers in area, with a special geological and historical interest.

This park is a pioneer in its kind in Cyclades, which relies mainly on volunteers and organizes all kinds of events every year.

More particularly, in the park you can enjoy the beauty and the peace of Paros’ nature, taking a walk around the paths of the area all year round, in every season.

You can watch various shows at the park’s amphitheatre, with the moonrise in the background or concerts, book presentations etc., which are organized during the summer.

Here, you can also swim in the blue-green waters of the four beautiful bays of the Park. One of the four beaches is equipped with sunbeds and parasols, while the other three are “free”.

At the canteen you can enjoy your coffee, juices & various snacks. After your swim, you can taste Mediterranean dishes in the restaurant by looking at the moon and the sea.

There is a school of water sports and sea games for adventure enthusiasts.



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