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Antiparos Cave, place of mystery and beauty


Did you know that Antiparos Cave is one of the most impressive natural attractions in Cyclades? This is an amazing sight and it should be on your list when you are on Paros Island. Although it is situated in Antiparos, this is a small island next to Paros, it is easy accessible by any car of our fleet.

In order to get to Antiparos Cave, first you must reach west Pounda. This is not the famous Punda Beach. It is the small port on the west coast of Paros, from where you will take a small ferry to Antiparos. The ride takes only few minutes and the ticket is quite cheap. West Pounda is about 8 km away from Parikia and our office. As you reach Antiparos port, you will drive south directly to the cave. Due to the fact that Antiparos Cave can be found using Google Maps, it is very easy to find it.


At the entrance of Antiparos Cave, there is a picturesque chapel called St. John. In fact, it communicates with another chapel called Zoodochos Pigi. The last one was built about 350 years ago. There is a huge stalagmite which welcomes guests as well. It is named Central Column and it is the oldest in Europe. Interesting information as well, is that the entrance lays 170m above sea level. Therefore, you know that you are about to see something impressive. Antiparos Cave covers an area of 5,600 square meters and has depth of 85 m. Therefore, the humidity and temperature is constant during all seasons, at 15 degrees Celsius.

The amazing Antiparos Cave consists of 3 halls. The first one, “Chamber of Stone Waterfalls” is full of stalactites and stalagmites that look like waterfalls. Therefore, you will be amazed from the beginning of your tour. The second hall, “Chamber of the Cathedral”, is historically significant. In Christmas of 1673 a liturgy was performed here by Marquis de Douanel. In this hall you will see stalagmites and stalactites which resemble chandeliers hanging from the ceiling of Antiparos Cave as well. The third hall is called “Royal”, due to the fact that inscription written by King Otto and Queen Amalia were found here.

It is amazing that evidence of first human presence in Antiparos Cave, date to a Stone Age. Therefore, this place is called even today by locals as “Shelter”. That is due to the fact that it truly was a shelter during times of war.


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